Saturday, August 12, 2017

Developers, confess why you don't TDD

Dish me the dirt and give it to me straight. Don't hide anything. Just lay it out there: why don't you do TDD? TDD has been fighting for mainstream acceptance since the late nineties with the introduction of eXtreme Programming.  It's still not there yet. Today, at least everyone knows what the term TDD is but really so few actually know how to do it.
So I've put on a black shirt and twisted the collar on backwards, and I'm ready to take your confession.  Later, I'll cover your reasons, my dear developer, on Agile Thoughts podcast ( where I'm doing a series on, brace yourself, "Why Devs don't TDD."


They are now live! Visit Agile Thoughts (敏捷理念播客) and listen to these insightful, easy to understand, and entertaining episodes about TDD.  At episode 14, I’m sure you’ll notice its, shall we say, singular style.  At Agile Thoughts, we work hard to be Portlandia friendly. ;-)
Like a good TDD priest, I'll keep the "actors" anonymous and discuss what I learn in an entertaining monologue.  So don't worry about your scandals and secrets.  What is your or your team's excuse?  What's the fear or problem? What's stopping you? 

  • 009 Introducing the Test Driven Development series
  • 010 Agile and TDD Neglect
  • 011 The Old Way isn't Sustainable
  • 012 An Example of doing TDD
  • 013 Developer Intent and the Bible
  • 014 Why Devs don’t TDD
  • 015 The TDD FUD Spreader
  • 016 Driving under the Influence of FUD
  • 017 The Architect Disses TDD
  • 018 TDD gets no Love from the PO
  • 019 A QA Professional Questions Micro Tests and TDD
  • ... and the series is still ongoing.

And hey, if you are doing TDD, then why? What got you going?

Drop me the info either on the Hacker News posting thread, or use the comment section below, or send me the "goods" via twitter: @LancerKind

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