Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pair Programming Jokes

Ok, I have only one, but it is a goody.  Especially told by a guy named Arkadiy who delivers this with a Russian accent.  If you know more jokes, please add them into the comments.
Dude, dude, refactor
Two drug addicts are driving down the road.  Suddenly one of them says, "Dude, dude, watch out there's a bird," and the van drives over it. Later, he says, "Dude, dude, slowdown, there's a cat," but they run over the cat too.
Then there's a dog and the guy says, "Dude, dude! Lookout, there's a dog."
The other guy says, "Dude, you look out.  You're the one driving."


  1. OK - my best Pair Programming joke.

    Hey Dude, have an Altoids.
    Oh, no thanks.
    No Dude, I insist. Curiously Strong :^)

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